What is Pharmacovigilance?

Pharmacovigilance as a medical discipline is crucial in preventing adverse effects related to medications in humans, promoting patient safety, and ensuring rational use of drugs.

Pharmacovigilance seeks to ensure that the benefit-risk ratio remains favorable throughout the entire life cycle of the drug, from its authorization to its withdrawal from the market or discontinuation of its production.

Functions of Pharmacovigilance include

Identifying counterfeit or adulterated drugs to ensure therapeutic safety and efficacy.

Analyzing the mechanisms by which adverse effects occur.

Evaluating the misuse or abuse of drugs.

Identifying adverse effects of each medication.

At GENBIE, patient safety is paramount. If you wish to report a suspected adverse reaction related to any of our products, please provide as much relevant information as possible to the following email address: [email protected]. This information should include at least the following:

• Reporter information

• Patient information (age, sex, initials of name, weight, height)

• Description of the adverse reaction (signs and symptoms, date of onset of reaction, as detailed as possible)

• Medications used (dose, frequency)

At Genbie, we understand that medications, precisely because of their ability to interact with biological systems to exert their pharmacological effects, have relative safety, but we cannot always predict who will experience adverse effects. Thus, identification, quantification, and evaluation of the risks associated with drug use can prevent or minimize harm to patients and adopt the necessary measures when they occur.

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