We help provide worldwide access to the most innovative medicines.
Treatment for Oncological Diseases, Orphan Diseases & Unavailable Vital Medicines
We prioritize the health of our patients.

“Around the World, There are approximately 8,000 Orphan Diseases, Which Affect

Health Accessible to All

Universal Access to the Best Pharmaceutical Products

Genbie is a biopharmaceutical laboratory, specialized in the global supply of high-cost, difficult to access, and specialized pharmaceutical products, for healthcare provider entities, logistics operators, medicine suppliers, hospitals, clinics, medical communities, and patients.

We Are a

We offer high-quality products at your fingertips, thanks to our extensive supply network. We are located in Bogotá, Colombia, with operations in the United States, Panama, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and the United Arab Emirates, strategically located to provide broad logistics coverage.

Patient Well-Being is Our Top Priority

We accelerate access to vital medicines. Don't wait any longer for your health. If you need a medicine that is not available in your country, our team of experts will help you obtain it safely and legally. With a medical prescription, we guarantee you a clear path to the medicine you need, complying with health regulations.

We Provide Exceptional Service

We are leaders in the healthcare industry, improving the lives of people with serious illnesses by providing them with access to innovative and high-quality treatments. Our patients are our top priority.

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Years of Experience in Medicine Supply.

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Approved Providers in the World of Branded Medicines, Biogenerics, Biosimilars, Generics, Cold Chain, and Controlled Medicines.

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Committed to Generating a Positive Impact on Society, Promoting the Importance of Health, Freedom, and Opportunity for all people.

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